Xero certified partner in Cambridge and London

Xero certified partner in Cambridge and London

Accountantplus, Xero certified partner has been active in Xero implementation in Cambridge and London for innovative companies: one a tech, digital media and one a medical coatings business. Pleased to announce that both companies have used the CFO plus service. The CFO service offered by accountantplus.co.uk provides agile and responsive leadership of the finance function. This includes preparing financial models and forecasts, budgets, statutory accounting and reporting, and cash flow. This provides great benefits to clients who can count on a quality CFO and Finance Director leading and managing all things financial, and playing an important role in raising finance, improving commercial outcomes and cash flow management, whilst obtaining great value for money.

Clients appreciate that accountantplus offers a flexible and responsive CFO service which provides a real value add to clients involved in technology and medtech in Cambridge and London. Playing an key role in fund raising, business planning and strategy.

If you need leadership and management of your finance and accountancy, then please contact accountantplus.co.uk today for a free discussion. we will give you ideas and act to help you.

Accountantplus a Xero certified partner in Cambridge and London

Accountantplus a Xero certified partner in Cambridge and London


accountant plus is Xero certified
Accountant plus is Xero certified

Accountant plus is Xero certified

Accountant plus is Xero certified!

Accountant plus is Xero certified and available to lead finance in your business

Pleased to announce that Accountant plus has renewed its Xero certification again. A Xero certified partner as a result of being a hands-on and experienced Xero user. Achieving a score of at least 80% in the Xero certification exam. You should contact us if your business would benefit from some financial leadership. We play a leading role in making sure you have the relevant information available on a timely basis to make smart business decisions. Increasing your business's performance, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Flexible CFO

Flexible CFO for a start-up and early stage company

Funds are limited, and cash is tight, but spending some of that cash on a flexible CFO resource will be a great investment and money well spent. A CFO for a start-up and early stage company can help out on a part-time or temporary basis, saving the start-up from committing to a higher cost base.

The right flexible CFO or finance director will bring great benefits to start-up or early stage companies. I give you some top reasons why:

  1. An excellent return on your investment: A flexible CFO more will more than pays for itself. Many startups use a flexible or part-time CFO for as little as some days a month and can scale the involvement as their needs grow. As affordable as a part-time CFO is, how can you afford not to have one?
  2. Increasing the chance of success in raising capital: As a CFO I will add credibility, robustness and quality to the company's financial model and projections. This should help with negotiating funding rounds.
  3. Cash management: Your part-time or flexible CFO will provide strong and reliable cash forecasting models, giving reliable indicators as to future cash balances and ideas to improve the cash situation.
  4. Credible numbers and avoiding big mistakes. An experienced CFO will know how to check and stress test the numbers, making sure that there are no surprises. This should improve relations with investors.
  5. Independence and challenge. Your CFO has to report the numbers and KPIs; giving a great insight into the drivers of the business, and able to question and validate assumptions and beliefs, and make sure that they ‘stack-up’ to support the forecasts and reports.
  6. Improved management and a happy CEO. Your CFO will have great ideas to improve the support functions, including liaising with external parties such as banks, service providers, advisors etc. This will free-up time for others and improve business focus.
  7. Building credibility with the board and investors: Investors appreciate and value a senior CFO's contribution. They know that a good CFO can be a trusted advisor and will improve the Company's, performance, bringing attention to important matters.
  8. Increase the Company’s value: More than 90% of exits are achieved through a company or asset sale. Buyers may discount or totally avoid a young company with weak financial, administrative, and operational management because the integration pain and clean-up cost is too high. A CFO can minimise the discount, friction, and transaction pain, thereby yielding a higher return for all.

I have played a leading role in raising over £20m in early stage funding for start-ups and early stage companies from venture capital and private equity investors. I have also put in place the systems and processes to help build a successful business. Contact me to find out how I can help your business by being the CFO for your start-up and early stage company.

Start up accountants Cambridge and London

Start up accountants Cambridge and London

Accountantplus is committed to the success of business start ups. Accountantplus gives start ups expert accounting guidance!accountantplus

Contact Accountantplus for the range of services to help lead your business start up to future growth and success.

We can help your business start up with the following:

  1. Business model definition, review and critique
  2. Financial projections and business plan preparation and review. If done before meeting funders, you can be more confident in raising funds.
  3. We will work with you to review your presentations and help you analyse appropriate angel and venture capital partners.
  4. Company incorporation and taxation guidance.
  5. Bookkeeping services and preparation of financial statements
  6. Selecting a suitable accounting package. We are Xero certified partners! We offer real time accounting information so that you can see how your business is performing 24/7.
  7. Creation of suitable key performance indicators (KPIs) to help drive your business from day one.
  8. Preparation of financial projections and forecasts.
  9. Development of innovative tax strategies and preparation of tax returns.
  10. Assistance with recruiting talented employees.
  11. Assistance with share options.
  12. Business valuation services.
  13. Revenue recognition analysis.
  14. Payroll and benefit requirements.
  15. Development of suitable internal controls to help improve integrity and prevent fraud.


Accountantplus offers an attractive retainer that can include a monthly fee and equity ownership in lieu of fees for our services.


accountantplus is your UK Xero accountant

Accountantplus is your Internet and e-commerce accountant.

ecommerce and accountantplus

Accountantplus is your Internet and e-commerce accountant

Are you seeking an Internet and e-commerce accountant?

Accountantplus is an experienced and professional Internet and e-commerce accountant.

Accountantplus has significant experience helping Internet and e-commerce businesses grow their businesses, increase their profits, and improve their business processes. This includes online games, classified advertising, and e-commerce businesses operating across all continents and many different countries.


We provide leadership to the finance function at Internet and e-commerce businesses.

  1. Accountantplus provide expert guidance in choosing the right system for your Internet and e-commerce business.
  2. Accountantplus prepare business plans and financial forecasts
  3. Accountantplus are knowledgeable and expert at preparing the key performance indicators (KPIs), management accounts and financial reports for Internet and e-commerce businesses.
  4. If your Internet and e-commerce business needs accounting and financial leadership then contact us. Accountantplus are hands-on leaders and will provide a really valuable resource to help your Internet and e-commerce business innovate and succeed. We will step in to get the basic accounting processes and controls in place. We have experience of payment processors, integrating the front and back-end, and making sure that your business has a solid base from which to grow.

Internet and e-commerce businesses usually have to deal with accounting for credit card transactions and Pay pal accounts.

Goods may be physical or services. Their deliveries are often associated with a fee, and sometimes additional income and costs.

The selling costs of Internet and e-commerce businesses often involve additional fees such as affiliate costs and income.

Accountantplus has the experience and knowledge to lead the accounting and financial leadership at Internet and e-commerce businesses.

Contact us today!


UK Xero accountant



UK Xero accountant

Do you need a UK Xero accountant? accountantplus is a Xero partner and accountantplus is Xero certified. This means that accountantplus can help your business make a great success of using Xero.

Why use Xero? Xero is a leading cloud based software as a service which allows you to receive timely and useful information to make good decision to manage your business.

So, you're seeking a UK Xero accountant! Some reasons to use accountantplus and Xero:

  1. Accountantplus is Xero accountant in the UK and Xero certified which means that accountantplus will give you the best advice and guidance to install and use Xero.
  2. Accountantplus and Xero provide accurate and timely information to help you ruin your business. This includes a dashboard, which provides instant information of your key financial information, such as your bank balance, sales, and customer transactions.
  3. Xero accounting software allows you to access your accounts 24/7 from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection!
  4. Accountantplus will help you integrate Xero into other applications, so that your business processes are improved, helping improve the way you run your business.
  5. Xero allows an unlimited number of users. This means that with Xero you can access your accounting information, your colleagues can enter transactions, and accountantplus, your Xero certified accountant, can also access your information to provide financial advice and guidance to help you and your business improve its performance and profitability.
  6. Data integrity and back-up. By using Xero accounting software you will be confident that you are using the latest software version, and that all of your data is backed-up.

If you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t have the time or the expertise  to handle your accounting and bookkeeping yourself. But you do want organised accountant and reliable financial information.

You need records that are easy to access and  to sort through, yet detailed enough to keep you compliant with tax laws .

You can get all of the above and more by choosing Xero and accountantplus.

So, with these great reasons to use Xero, you should contact accountantplus and make the move to get your business in front!  So if you are looking for a UK Xero accountant please get in touch. Accountantplus are Xero experts and provide a great service.

accountants help your business to success

accountantplus helps your business to success

We help your  business succeed

We know that when starting up a business you must focus on those areas that will help your business succeed. If you are creating a new business, you will have your strengths to help drive your business to success. Accountantplus has strengths in business and accounting advisory which will play a key role in your success.

Accountantplus helps you focus on sales and customers, whilst ensuring you keep focused on your costs and profit margins. If you need ideas to help improve sales, product offerings, reduce costs, and re-organise business processes, we are confident that we can help your new business succeed.

Many potentially successful businesses have failed by pushing ahead for sales growth whilst over-looking other ideas that are key to overall business success.

Accountantplus has proven commercial experience in financial control. Financial control is essential to any business. It is a way of focusing on growth whilst keeping a close eye on, and where necessary, reducing overheads.

If you have a business or a start-up business idea, then please contact us   We have the ideas and technology to help your business to success.


Accountantplus provides Xero and cloud-based computing solutions for its clients

Accountantplus provides Xero and cloud-based computing solutions for its clients. Which means that with accountingplus you will have access to timely robust information about your accounts and your business. Accountantplus is proactive and will help you drive your business better; making the most of opportunities and helping avoid any problems before they occur. This means that accountantplus can provide great advice, suggestions and services to help your business in the following areas:

revenue growth

IT strategy

succession planning

tax planning and minimization

business strategy and direction

business structure

risk management and minimization

improving profits

cashflow management

personal finance and retirement planning.


By Accountantplus providing Xero and cloud-based computing solutions for its clients accountantplus can help lead your finance department including leadership and organisation of the finance team. We can also ensure provide useful advice and take action to help ensure your business processes are optimised.



Xero accounting software and accountantplus

Xero and  accountantplus

What is Xero?

Xero is an online accounting system, ideal for start-ups, SMEs and even larger businesses. Xero provides instant access to all your accounting and customer information anytime you need it, wherever you are in the world.

Xero gives an instant view of your business, so you can manage your banking, book-keeping, invoices and receipts. And more! Xero provides great information to allow you to run your business better.

Why Xero?

Xero = your accounts anytime, anywhere, on any device

Xero is Internet based. It is a software as a service, or cloud software. This means you can access your accounts and information from anywhere. Xero works on smartphones, PCs and Apple Macs, Ipads, Android etc.

Xero allows you, our client, and ourselves to access and use the same data real-time. No more too-ing and fro-ing with file back-ups.

Xero allows you to import your bank transactions, and more!



As a Xero Certified Partner, accountantplus has superb experience and knowledge about how to set up your business on Xero. Accountantplus will configure Xero to your needs. Accountantplus also provides training to make sure you make the most of Xero.

Xero is the base for our other services. Accountantplus also offers CFO services. We will provide the leadership to your finances. Our CFOplus service has the toolkit and experience to proactively lead your finance function and help drive your business forward to greater success.

For more information on Xero please contact accountantplus.


Xero certified accountants in Cambridge

We are accountantplus and we are a Xero certified accountants located in Cambridge!

Accountantplus is Xero certified. This means we have a superb knowledge of Xero and how to help our clients benefit from using it. LEt Accountantplus chear you up with some Xero magic. Go for a fresh start with accountantplus and Xero. We will do our best to provide you with a professional service at great value and benefit to your business.

We are Xero experts and have hands-on skills and experience of leading the finance function in start-ups and small businesses. We are available to serve our clients anywhere through remote working. We are very keen to work with start-up and SME businesses that we can visit in person from London to Cambridge and the Midlands. Accountantplus provides outsourced bookkeeping, accountancy and finance director services from London to Cambridge and the Midlands.

We have experience in several sectors, particulalry the technology, internet and software sectors

accountantplus outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services

We are accountants whose priority is on providing an excellent service of outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and financial leadership for your business.

From daily, weekly, or monthly bookkeeping, payroll and accounting to long-term strategic financial planning, cost analysis, business process review, business plans, growth and strategic management accounting, we can help keep the costs of your finance function in check.

Accountantplus provides cloud based business accounting (bookkeeping) and advisory services on an outsourced basis. The service is designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs that value having a strong finance division that will direct and assist in cash-flow management, profit improvement, and business longevity.

Use accountantplus to get a real handle on cash flow, profitability, expenses, and cash position of your business. Outsourcing your finance function, or parts of it (eg. Your controller, or CFO function) to accountantplus will make the difference between getting by and getting ahead.

With accountantplus outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services you know exactly how your business is performing what is working or not – every day. Our team works with busy entrepreneurs running small business with anywhere from forty employees down to the new start up with a handful of employees that doesn’t want the bookkeeping overhead in a new business.

Virtual finance director

What is a Virtual Finance Director?

A virtual finance director is a professional and qualified competent accountant with real hands-on experience at running the finance function. Leading financial strategy and stepping into and contributing to other business issues and decisions to improve business performance.

Would you benefit from being able to discuss all things finance with a knowledgeable and proactive professional? All things financial...from discussing all things finance. From basic accounting and bookkeeping, through to how to improve your financial performance to tax planning, business growth and investment.

Why should I use a virtual finance director?

A virtual finance director is an economic and effective way of managing your business finances to a very high standard. Basically it's akin to freelance, in that you pay for what you use. Yet there is assured continuity because your virtual finance director will, in a very short time period, be familiar with your business. With ideas how best to help you and the business operate in order to maximise performance.

What kind of things does a virtual finance director do?

By appointing an experienced all-rounded proactive virtual finance director, you can be sure of top quality and attractively priced help with the following business and financial issues:

  • leadership and management of the finance function. To make sure that all members of the finance function are motivated and goal driven to service the business in a proactive and timely way. Including the provision of more useful data and information to customers and staff, through to making sure cash is collected from customers and staff and suppliers are paid on time.
  • Your virtual finance director will play a leading role in making sure that you have timely and key information available for effective discussion and decision making. This can include robust and meaningful management accounts, the calculation of key performance indictors, the measurement and analysis of revenues, costs, customers and people.
  • Strategic planning. including proactive participation in discussions and analysis of where the company is at, its strategy and the identification of the key decisions and necessary actions to take the business forward.
  • Raising finance. All business need to raise finance at some stage in their cycle. Often, the best time to raise finance is when you don't really need it. This sounds bizarre, but my real experience has taught me this! A virtual finance director will identify the suitable sources of finance for your business, and play a leading role in making sure finance the right type of finance is raised on the best terms.
  • rRsk management. A virtual finance director will manage and reduce risks to your business, from trading (customer and supplier), internal control, through to financial, systems and foreign exchange.

accountantplus.co.uk offers CFO and Finance Director services

If you would like to discuss how we can help you and be your virtual finance director, contact us!

Start-up and small company share incentive schemes

EMI Enterprise Management Incentive schemes

EMI Enterprise Management Incentive schemes are the perfect way to reward your employees in a  start-up or small company. Basically, the employer offers, under the EMI scheme, share options to its employees at a price below the prevailing market price (when the options are granted). Any future increase in the value of the shares is free from income tax and employee national insurance (NICs)! Superb!

So what's stopping you?! Time to make a move and offer some upside to your employees, whilst at the same time you, in return, will probably get their increased loyalty.

If the share options are converted to share at a later date, and in-turn sold, the employee may be liable to capital gains tax (CGT) if the gain exceeds the annual CGT allowance. Any CGT will be chargeable at 18% or 28%.

The good news!!? In an attempt to increase the scope of entrepreneurial relief, and further incentivise entrepreneurship, The Finance Bill published in March 2013 has proposed that a CGT rate of only 10% will be apply to any shares acquired under an EMI scheme after april 2012, and sold after April 2013.

Share incentive schemes are a great way of building loyalty and business value.

Strategy. What is strategy?


So many people talk of strategy. So what is it?

Accountantplus.co.uk believes that strategy relates to the following:

  • The products or services that your business offers or plans
  • The markets and customers to which you will offer your products
  • The way you will reach your markets and customers ie the channels
  • The processes and activities that you plan to carry out so that you are able to deliver your products or services to your chosen market or customers at a value or price which enables you to make a profit
  • The high level financial goals of your business and the way in which you will achieve them, which will include assumptions around growth and scale.

Will it help you and your business if you can discuss issues? I am sure it will! We will help you dig deep and have you ask and help you answer the questions:

Who really wants our products? How much will or should they pay? Are competitive products really better or cheaper? Why should anybody buy from us at all?

We can help you define and improve your business strategy. Contact us!


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